Based on the societal need and on the enormous business potential, together with advances in understanding CVD biology and our scientific and business expertise, ZeCardioTx has focused on three main indications: CardioProtection, Dilated CardioMyopathy, and CardioRegeneration. https://floatiesswimschool.com/clomid-online/


Our lead compounds ZC001-ZC005 rescue completely the cardiotoxic effects induced by common chemotherapeutic products, anthracyclines. Advancing this pipeline into a final druggable molecule will open a large application in the cardio-oncology field, by reducing enormously the cardiovascular damages induced by chemotherapy and therefore allowing better and more efficient treatments for tumor patients. https://floatiesswimschool.com/buy-generic-propecia/


They are a category of diseases where the heart muscle becomes enlarged, thick, rigid and may even be replaced by scar tissue. This causes the heart to be weaker and unable to maintain a normal electrical rhythm, ultimately leading to congestive heart failure. Dilated Cardiomyopathy is the most common type of cardiomyopathy and our CRISPR/Cas9 approach allowed us to generate and validate predictive zebrafish models of it, which are currently used to screen candidate compounds. https://floatiesswimschool.com/zithromax-500/


The possibility to Regenerate the heart after cardiac injury still remains a global dream in the field. Our CardioRegenerative approach discovered in zebrafish, once successfully translated to humans, will change this dogma, allowing the injured heart to recover to a normal function over time, with the vision to finally replace many, if not all current palliative treatments.